Dosage of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali as a natural body enhancer

Tongkat Ali intake has increased in recent past as people have become aware of its uses and effectiveness. This herbal root from the jungles has shown lots of positive effects in improving the sexual health and also by offering some other effects. Tongkat Ali is available in the markets in various medical forms of powders, capsules and herbal products. For best effects and body enhancements, people have learnt to use it in combination of some other supplements. TongkatAli Animated Gif1 Dosage of Tongkat Ali


When it is consumed in combination with some other some other supplements, it produces the best of results. What matters at the end is the amount of this supplement you intake. Higher doses are definitely effective but might carry some negative effects as well. Smaller Tongkat Ali doses after proper time intervals will prove to be health effective.

Proper doses of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali quantity is to be measured properly before you intake it. Results have proved that proper doses of this herb result in to better libido and testosterone as well. People who are into bodybuilding too use Tongkat Ali as one of their supplements. A routine dosage while you are undergoing your bodybuilding exercises includes 4 capsules in a day, as directed by the manufacturers. The time interval in between 4 capsules should be equally distributed to experience perfect effects.

  • 1 capsule just before the breakfast
  • 1 capsule just before the lunch
  • 1 capsule just before the evening meal
  • 1 before you sleep

A cycle of around 6 to 8 weeks is generally followed by the bodybuilders to expect best of results from Tongkat Ali. If in case you are using Tongkat Ali dose in order to increase the sexual drive or to enhance self body for better sexual stamina, the dosage is different. In this case you have to follow a shorter cycle time. For increasing the quantity of testosterone, a cycle of 5 days would be enough.

What can you expect with Tongkat Ali Intake?

If you are using Tongkat Ali for enhancing the sexual drive in body you will have to have patience in self as the effects will not be seen all of a sudden. Tongkat Ali intake results out its bodily effects slowly, as the week progresses ahead.

  • In the first week the body won’t be able to notice any bigger change.
  • The second week points out some increase in strength as the herb starts working on the body with a faster rate of recovery just after the training.
  • The strength of the body increases further in the third week along with a better well-being.
  • In the fourth week you definitely will experience an increased quantity of lean muscle. This gives you a feeling of confidence and a feel-good factor.
  • The levels of testosterone are higher in the fifth and sixth week.


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Dosage of Tongkat Ali, if taken in proper quantities, will offer you lots of benefits. By following proper cycles of doses your body will gain bigger benefits.